Welcome, everyone, to the relaunch of the Omaticon Corporation website.  We hope the new website is easier to navigate.  We have new product and service offerings available today (enterprise grade spam filtering, website builders) and more in the pipeline!  At Omaticon user security is extremely important to us.  As such, every service offering either supports two-factor authentication today or will do so by the end of the year!  We believe hardware tokens are preferable to soft tokens and will be offering Yubico Yubikeys for purchase for use with our offerings or any others that support FIDO2, Yubico OTP, OATH HOTP, U2F, PIV, and Open PGP.


What better time to relaunch the Omaticon corporate website than during the month of rememberence of our independence.  As our own little sign of appreciation we are offering a two week free trial on all services and a 20% discount with code INDEPENDENCE!